I wanted to point out some recent comments and the great resources they are (either in themselves or in the sites they point to).

  • A recent poster pointed out the Michael Storer Boat Design site, emphasising the resources that Mr. Storer makes available, including instructions in epoxy use, etc. I especially found the tip on using a ziplock bag for epoxy dispensing to look interesting. I had seen this idea sometime before, but forgot by the time I was actually using epoxy. I’ll be giving it a try!
  • Another has given a link to a web page showing the process of motorizing a Wavewalk Kayak… looks like fun.
  • Lastly, I wanted to highlight this description of "spiling"… it looks to be a great technique for finding the size and shape of side panels/planks. I also found this link at Southern Crown Boatworks which has a good section on spiling. That page also has info on sawn frames, steam bending, lamination and lofting if you are wanting to read up on any of those.