Seems like its the far extremes that cause me problems. The bow has a chine issue… the stern, well, it just seems destined to have issues. Dane and I got the “chine stretchers” installed, and got the notches cut and the transom pieces mounted to the sheer clamps. That didn’t go to badly.

Then I got into trying to cut and mount the motor well sides. These are the first “hull skin” type pieces that need to go in and it looked like it was going to be ok… until I cut them wrong. 1/2″ off at one end (and of course I made them match exactly). I may still be able to use them, but as things stand, I had to stop.

The two transom pieces are separate (joined by the motor mount). I have had them joined by some temporary framing, but to put the motor well sides in place, I needed to remove my framing. That was ok… they are held up nicely by the sheer clamps and chine logs, but the curve of the hull is fairly sharp back there and the sheer clamps are under some level of pressure. When I remove my brace, the transom pieces jump “outboard” about 3 inches from each other. Until all is totally set and dry on my epoxy from the morning activities, I decided this wasn’t a good idea, so I put the brace back (along with a strap clamp) and am leaving things to dry.

I’ve got to find some method of holding the transom pieces inboard while still leaving room for me to install the motor well sides. Once the motor mount is in place, it will hold things nicely, I think.