Dane and I took a bit and got ready to get the transom fitted and installed tomorrow. It’s a harder (set) of items to get in place than a normal frame since its at an angle instead of vertical. It’s pretty much in place, but I had held off on attaching it since I wasn’t sure of the measurements and wanted to get the rest squared and solid before attaching it.

All this was a great plan and would have worked fine if I hadn’t cut the chine logs off too short. I don’t know what the deal with me and the chines being too short is, but there you go. The sheer clamps are great.

Anyway, got things squared up and measured out… it was much closer to “right” than I gave myself credit for. I would have been better off to have attached it earlier, probably, but live and learn.

I considered just moving it in the 3 inches the chines are short, but that would reduce my buoyancy at the extreme aft of the boat by about 130 pounds. That far back and next to the (potentially heavy) outboard, I don’t want to reduce that, so we cut some little blocks to fit in the gap, with a backer plate to strengthen them. I think it will work out fine, we’ll see after we get them glued in tomorrow. I’ll try to get some pictures then (in the daylight)… it was about dark when we were finishing up tonight.

Time = 1 hour