After some trials and tribulations, I got the inner stem cut and glued up. Somehow scaling those pieces up from a line drawing got tricky to me. Mark V had provided a scale layout with a 3" square overlay, so that you could easily scale it up. No problem, right?

Well, usually, but I measured, re-measured, re-measured again, never getting the same thing twice. Finally got it, cut one board, found it was wrong, measured some more… just one of those things. Wound up coming out ok, I think (even managed to use the "wrong" board in another position and not waste it).

Anyway, due to some other family confusion (death in the family, etc.) I didn’t get as much time in as I planned, but wound up getting this piece done. Did pick up another box of screws for various fastening.

Money (screws) = $6.97 + .49 tax = $7.46

Time = 2.5 hours