Dane and I spent a bit and got the second layer of sheer clamp on port and starboard. Actually went on easier than I expected. Nearly messed up forgetting to clean up some of the epoxy drips from the first layer, but went back over it with the hand planer and a hammer and chisel for a few nooks and crannies. Actually went really fast.

It was one of those jobs that I’m glad is done and worked well, but there really isn’t much to "show"… just another board running right where one already was. I do have one issue that I will have to deal with somehow later… one of the notches for the sheer clamp on Frame B (at the bow) wasn’t deep enough. I didn’t notice it and the first layer was all attached and glued in. Now with the second layer on there, the second layer sticks out proud of the hull line. Its fine on one side, but about 1/4" off on the other. Guess I’ll have to plane it down fair to keep things symetrical.

Dane also got to learn about surface area when he asked an very astute question… we had a little backing block that got glued onto the sheer clamp… he commented that it was part of the boat now. I stated that it would probably come off it I hit it with a hammer. He was immediately concerned with "if that will come off when you hit it with a hammer, what happens to the entire boat if a big wave hits it". Good question… another learning experience in explaining how a very small surface had the glue on it versus the entire structure, etc.

Time = 2 hours