This first picture shows the first sheer clamp to be installed, although its hard to see from this angle. What is very apparent is the inner keel that I got on the other day.

This later picture shows the sheer… a nice curved board closest to the ground.  Started the day cleaning up the notches for the sheer clamp. Biggest hassle here was that some of the frame supports that hold the frames off the stongback were in the way… If you are ever doing this, try to plan that aspect better 🙂

I was impressed with how easily it went on after we found the best method… start at the point of the lowest freeboard (highest from ground) which happens to be Frame G. Attach there and have Dane use his newfound knowledge of the leverage you get pulling on the end of a long board and I work my way down the boat. Went right along.

This was a good example where this has been a good chance to work with my little boy, enjoy the time together, and teach things all at the same time. I enjoy the boatbuilding, but these “teachable moments” as they call them are a real added bonus.

Lastly dropped by the store while we were out doing some of the Saturday errands and got the 1×3’s for the next layer of the sheer clamp and a 1x8x12 to cut the inner stem from.

Money  = $51.39 + 3.60 tax = $54.99

Time = 4 hours