You know, as with anything, having the “right” tool sure can make a job easier/faster. It’s our anniversary today, and my wife was good enough to let me get a tool for my present 🙂

It is a small “palm” power planer… a bit smaller than most of the 3.25″ power planers that I see out there, it’s 2 and 3/8″. It is a Task Force brand. Task Force is Lowes (home improvement store chain) house brand, as near as I can tell, and genarlly are low price, plain jane tools, although so far I have been pleased with the ones I have. I have a circular “skil” saw that has done just fine, and now this planer. I was going to give a link to it, but they don’t seem to have it on their web site. It says its a magnesium case, comes with a dust collection attachment, a hard case, and a bonus door lock installation kit (hole saws and guide plate for door locks). Also included was a set of spare blades and a spare drive belt… all in all seems nice. Only complaints I have so far is that it really needs an additional handle for your other hand to grasp better, and the power switch spring is STIFF… takes real pressure to get it to make.

We had been out of town over the weekend, and got home about 7pm… Dane and I got things together and went out and I decided to try to scarf a few of the sheer clamps with the planer instead of the router. After getting the hang of it, that went great guns. Much faster than I was managing with the router, less dust (the wood pieces are larger from the planer and are easier to gather and catch), and the results were at least as good. The router works ok, but the planer speeds things along.

We did so well that I got all the boards scarfed for the first layer of the sheer clamps, so we went ahead and glued them up. That will let us get those installed probably Tuesday evening, well ahead of where I thought I would be.

No pictures this time… you’ve seen boards laying in my garage drying enough for now, anyhow 🙂

Money (planer) = $49.97 + 3.50 tax = $53.47

Time = 1.5 hours