Got up and was going to do a quick seal of the inner keel notches and see how it was going to fit. Make a few adjustments to the frames, etc. Wound up that it was falling together nicely and I had about an hour longer to work than I expected, so was able to install both layers of the inner keel!

I’ve got one frame where the notch for the inner keel (or the entire frame, I can’t tell which yet, is a little low (high, whatever)… causes a bit of a dip in the keel, but I didn’t see it until things were too far along to really change. I’ll have to fair that area a bit more somehow when I’m putting the hull bottom on. I’ve also got one frame side piece that isn’t vertically true. I thought I could adjust it easily, but that glue at the chine point really holds on 🙂 I’ll have to fiddle with that a bit more when the sheer clamps go on, but even if its leaning as is, I think it will be ok. A bit of fairing and trimming will make it work out ok, I believe.

All-in-all, a good day’s work in a couple of hours 🙂

Time = 2 hours