Had just a few minutes (and didn’t feel very well anyhow) and took the router out to even up where I cut the keel notches. For some reason my jigsaw base doesn’t want to stay square with the blade and a couple of them were "sloped" more than I wanted. Figured I could set the plunge on the router to the right depth and trim out the part that needed it. Two surprises here:

  1. It worked, easily. Stepped right through the 10 frames 
  2. They weren’t as bad as I thought to begin with… I think this is one of those things that "grew" in my mind the more I thought about it. All but a couple of them probably would have been okay without anything, but they should be good to go now.

One frame may have to have its notch cut deeper… visually it doesn’t look right, but I’ll have to get the plans out and check that one in more detail.

Time = .5 hours