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I recently got a catalog in the mail (mail, what’s that… how quaint in this day of the web :-)) from Waterfronts Nautical. They carry a wide range of clothing and nautical "stuff"… Some knicknacks and nautical themed clothing, and other practical wear and gear. Their web site is extensive and you can do your shopping there, by phone/fax or old fashioned mail order.

It comes to a point!

Usually the phrase "it comes to a point" ends with something like "where you just have to…". When you’re building a boat, coming to a point means a whole different thing.

Dane and I got the notch cut in the inner stem and Frame A and got the inner stem installed… the boat finally comes to a "point"!

One problem is apparent… the chine logs don’t match up right. One side is great:

The other side is short a couple of inches. Don’t know quite what happened there, but guess I’ll have to "stretch" it somehow.

Also took a first pass on beveling off the inner keel… that came out fairly well, although some trimming and filling will be required, I"m sure.

Time = 3.5 hours

Vertical Launch System

In addition to my work on the Inner Stem today, I also started on my Vertical Launch System to provide security and protection. I figure a group of missle launchers should be just the thing.

Actually, its a gel holder. As another "side job", I run lighting and various technical things at my church (First Baptist, Jonesboro, GA). Gel is the colored plastic you place in front of lights to make them shine in different colors. Its slick, has lots of static cling, and in general is a pain to deal with. We have been doing some cleanup and work in our lighting booth and I was making up a new storage rack to roll and sort the gel. Getting it all assembled, all I could think of was that it looked like some kind of missile launcher.

So, its not really for the boat, but I couldn’t help posting it 🙂

Inner Stem

After some trials and tribulations, I got the inner stem cut and glued up. Somehow scaling those pieces up from a line drawing got tricky to me. Mark V had provided a scale layout with a 3" square overlay, so that you could easily scale it up. No problem, right?

Well, usually, but I measured, re-measured, re-measured again, never getting the same thing twice. Finally got it, cut one board, found it was wrong, measured some more… just one of those things. Wound up coming out ok, I think (even managed to use the "wrong" board in another position and not waste it).

Anyway, due to some other family confusion (death in the family, etc.) I didn’t get as much time in as I planned, but wound up getting this piece done. Did pick up another box of screws for various fastening.

Money (screws) = $6.97 + .49 tax = $7.46

Time = 2.5 hours