Since I promised, and I know my adoring fan(s) just can’t wait, here’s some pictures in the daylight of the chine logs in place.

It may be a case of needing to “be there”, but it’s such a radical change in terms of really looking like a boat. My wife came out on the deck (where the second picture was taken from) this morning and immediately exclaimed that “it really looks like a boat!”.

Looks fairly true and fair in the daylight, much to my relief 🙂

Took a few minutes and measured and marked the notches for the inner keel. This will be two layers of 2×4 running longitudinally from frame B (at the bow) to the stern recessed into the frames. Each notch will be about 1.5″ wider than the nominal 3.5″ of a 1×4 board to allow for limber holes in each frame. This will allow any water in the bilge to move from section to section past the frames and collect in the lowest area, where the bilge pump can be set up to remove it. Hopefully this won’t be important, but…

Also got the tarp tied back on after having to toally remove it and all the tiedowns last night. Normally I can just flop it over and work, but I had to take it all the way off last night.

Time = 1 hour