>>> Mark V 39 for sale

I don’t put a lot of "for sale" stuff on here, but I thought this one was worth an exception. We covered Warren and Robin’s Great Loop cruise log a few weeks back. They have been underway for three months or so and have decided to sell their boat. No, they aren’t giving up already, rather they like it so much, they want a bigger boat.

Several factors make this really interesting to me:

  • Their current boat is a Mark V 39 that has already made the loop once and which seems to still be going strong. The Pepi started life as Brad Indicott’s Leah Gent.
  • Secondly, they are cruising the waters that I want to be on… the rivers and canals of the Great Loop.
  • Lastly, the boat they are buying (see below)…

They are buying the first hull of the diesel/solar/electric hybrid Island Pilot DSe. I’ve been in touch with Warren and look forward to more information on their new boat, along with the continuing cruise log entries on their site.

So, check out their blog regardless of your desire for a new boat, but if you are looking for a good, proven cruiser, you might give them a ring.