I find that tools are designed mostly for right handed use. I’m right handed, so that generally doesn’t bother me. I understand that you can even find a few "lefty" tools for the ones that really matter.

What I never really thought about is that the bias tends to have you work one way or the other. Often you will swap sides where you are standing or whatever to make the guides, etc. work out right.

That doesn’t work quite as well on a boat 🙂

It has two sides, and due to size and physical constraints, you sometimes will be "backwards" on at least half of it… just something else to consider.

Got the notches cut for the other chine log tonight. Didn’t get to dry fit it, but should be about ready to fasten them in place in a couple of days. Looking forward to that… I think having some permanent longitudinals will really stiffen things up.

Time = 1 hour