Got the saw out and made notches for the chine log on one side. Dane and I held it up a time or two and it seems like its going to fit fairly well. Marked the bevels for the first few frames so that I could cut the notches to those angles. That seems to look pretty good.

The aft end and attaching the chine logs to the transom baffled me a bit… I didn’t want to notch all the way through, so I routed out a section of the 1×6 for the chine, leaving the MDO/plywood at the stern intact. This leaves no "seam" at the corners, which just seems "right" to me.

Found one frame that was cocked and low by about 1/4" on one side. We all talk about the human eye being capable of finding things out of true better than other techniques.. its right. I could look and see that it was wrong, even though I hadn’t found the measurement being off with a tape measure.

Time = 2 hours