I’m traveling right now in the Washington, DC area… had the opportunity to take a river excursion for a few minutes at Mt. Vernon (George Washington’s home). If you have the chance to see this house, do so. I didn’t really think I would enjoy it (the family wanted to go), but wound up having a good time. The view of the Potomac River is incredible.

Due to a special event they were having, the river tours were no charge. We loaded up and got to run up the river a couple of miles, see some of the sites, and return. The view of the house from the river is equally impressive.

While we were out cruising, a nice looking Nordic Tug came by. I’ve always liked the design and look. It gratified me that my wife spotted it at once and exclaimed on how cute it was and how much she liked it. I of course had to take several pictures.

If you happen to be or know the owners of this boat, the Tugether from Mount Vernon, VA drop me a note!