Well, I know it’s not much, but bought some 1×3’s for the chine logs and got the ends of them all scarfed to make long (28’+) boards out of them.

Started to scarf on the table saw, but that wasn’t going to work for me, so I built a jig and extended base on my router and used that…

Clamp a board in there, with the end of the board where it is level with the sloping edges… then take the router and run it back and forth/up and down until the end of the board disappears. Lots of sawdust and a fairtly neat ramp. Took a bit of playing with to get the router depth right, and then the router depth adjustment decided to mess up. That required a timeout to work on the router so it would stay at a set depth instead of "climbing" rapidly.

Anyway, not perfect, but they came out fairly well I think. Wanted to get them glued up, but life interfered… slow but steady, if nothing else 🙂

Money = $36.98 + 2.59 tax = $39.57

Time = 2.5 hours