The bane of the electric vehicle world (cars, boats, whatever) is energy storage, the density of that storage (how much power can you cram in the space), and how long it takes to charge. Often charging time can make a big difference in the practicality of a device. If I can recharge my car in an hour or two it may be much more practical than having to ensure 10-12 hours "parked" on a charger.

ZENN motor is a company that is aiming to play in the electric car market. They have some interesting claims and neat looking vehicles that might be great for the local commuter. If you have a larger boat (like some of Euroship’s Dutch Barges that are designed for a small car onboard), this could give you transportation for when you’re ashore.

Recently a company in Austin, TX – EEStor – has made patent filings that has the electric vehicle world abuzz… they are claiming to have a technology to build an "ultra capacitor" to solve many of the electric vehicle battery problems by storing and releasing energy very quickly. ZENN motor has made substantial investments in the company, as have other large players.

Yahoo! News has a detailed article on the patent filing.

This may be one to watch… or it may be yet another "sounds good on paper" idea that doesn’t come to fruition. I’m hoping it works, but… 🙂