Yesterday I expressed my concerns about getting the transom pieces in place… well, guess I shouldn’t have worried 🙂

It’s always nice when something goes right.

Dane and I got the last frame up and then I figured out the transom pieces. Fastened them together into one "unit" with a couple of 2×4’s, then built up a support just like the rest of the frames. Only difference was leaving the vertical’s longer and letting them extend down inside the strongback. This let us tilt it over at the required angle and screw it down that way. Worked nicely. It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but its leaning "forward" several degrees. The actual mounting height wasn’t listed on the plans, but there were enought other measurements to derive the location.

Now that the "setup" phase is done for a little while, I can move on to actual working on wood/frame/whatever pieces and add to the boat.

Having that entire thing set up in the back yard makes 28′ seem really long.