It’s getting bigger… Dane and I got another two frames standing up.

First, here’s a picture of progress so far:

Note Dane diligently tying a tarp rope down. He’s coming along as quite the little helper.

Since I promised details on the frame setups, here you go:

Crosspiece sitting on the strongback. Two stub 2×4’s screwed into the strongback and the crosspiece. That fastening has been key to getting things square and stable.

It’s getting to be a noticable thing sitting out there 🙂

After we shut stuff down, picked up another 4 2×4’s for bracing, etc., another box of screws and some more rope to tie things down. Everything takes more than you expect 🙂

Money = $19.03 + 1.33 tax = $20.36

Time = 2.5 hours