The heat of the day was waning, we weren’t having evening services at church, so I changed clothes and went out to get another couple of frames up.

Well, the heat of the day was waning because the afternoon thundershowers were moving in. Got the tarp off the boat and just about got started when the thunder started. Decided I could get Frame C back in place after its minor repairs. Got it laid in place and getting ready to mount when the rain arrived. Rolled the tarp back over the frames and worked under it. You know, a boat frame holds up a tarp pretty well.

It rained and lightned terribly for a while. I stayed dry and got the frame mounted, although the lighting (and the electric cord running through the puddles to my drill) was a bit worrying.

Got soaked getting from there to the house, but had been dry while working 🙂

I have the forward six frames standing, and I think they are staying there. They have made it through a couple of pretty gusty storms ok.

Got the last of the damaged frames fixed up and drying in the garage. Maybe I can get it up tomorrow.

It even looks like a boat with a tarp stretched over things 🙂

Time = 2 hours