>>> Pepi’s Ports of Call

Mark Van Abbema (the designer of the V28 that I’m building) has several V39’s that have been built and are in successful service. One of the first was Brad Indicott’s Leah Gent.

Brad and his wife finished their Great Loop cruise and have moved on to other things, selling the boat a year or two ago.

Warren and Robin have bought the boat, renamed her the Pepi, and in just the last month launched onto their Great Loop cruise. Cruising through the South in the recent heat wave has been a trial at times, but I think they have found things to enjoy already.

They have an active blog with pictures, descriptions, background and stop-by-stop log entries.

From the sounds of it, the boat is going strong… hopefully this is a testamony to Mark’s designs, and I know its high praise for Brad’s building skills.