Seems like several people have had good quotes and one-liners scattered around recently… here’s a few I ran across:


"There are two types of boats, broken ones and the ones that are breaking" – a boat mechanic


"Don’t forget, a 5 gallon bucket and a scared crew is the most efficient pump yet devised."


"There are times that my boatbuilding is more like a college basketball game. Whoever makes fewer mistakes wins, and I’m on the losing team." – Eric, from the Building NINA blog.


Regarding weight savings in a small boat: "It’s far more effective (cheaper and healthier) to lose the weight from the skipper, than it is to reduce the weight of the boat." – Chris Ostlind, Duckworks mailing list


"If I can afford it , it’s a boat: if i can’t… it’s a yacht" – Bill, Duckworks mailing list


"A house is a boat so poorly built it won’t float." – Jon, Backyard Boatbuilding mailing list