Had a little break in the weather (it was hot, but cool enough to survive come evening) and got in a bunch of work on the boat. Got the strongback leveled up with the new laser level I picked up today… of course it (the level) has a problem and will have to go back for exchange, but the function I needed for the strongback worked fine.

The re-work yesterday on the frames A and B seemed to come out well and I got A, B and C standing and pretty well lined up. D had to have a bit of rework (I’m learning as I go), but the epoxy is drying now… might can get it up tomorrow.

We’ve been in a terrible drought and heat wave… pretty much not having any rain or even the "normal" pop-up evening thunderstorms we often get in the summer. Of course working outside brought out a storm :-). We got things closed up and covered as the sprinkles started. So it stopped. That’s ok, I was hot and tired by then anyhow. The neighbors now know I’m crazy… they were having a pool party and were out and about while this guy next door is standing up weird pieces of wood. Ah well, what they don’t know 🙂

Time = 4 hours