Worked on standing up a couple of frames on the strongback last night. Shall we say that didn’t go as well as it should. Found that Frames A and B are still going to have to have some rework on the epoxy. Those were some of those first frames that I did and didn’t have my epoxy skills down. Got to revisit them. Shouldn’t take long, but was a real frustration. It also adds to that doubt in my mind about the frame strength. I think the rest are ok, but it will be awhile before I trust them.

Stood up Frames C and D but without more time and at least one more, leaving them there was going to be dicey… they are ready to stand and tack up, with some more work on leveling/plumbing. Getting everything square and straight is fairly important, and I didn’t want to rush that too much.

Probably a good idea, since I had another thought this morning on my straightline/string for using as a reference point. If that works I’ll post a picture and more about it later.

Money (tarp) $12.99 + $.84 (tax) = $13.83

Time = 1.5 hours