>>> The Redeemed ChrisCraft reconstruction site

A post on the electricboats mailing list pointed me toward Dave Kellogg’s project… he’s not only rebuilding an pretty old craft, but he’s converting it to electric power, complete with a home made thrust nozzle (similar to what we covered here). Check out his page for lots of pictures and details about his repower and restoration. Redeemed is in the water now, with interior fitting moving forward. Way to go, Dave!

Dave’s site also has some nifty "auxillary" projects that he has done, including an electric kayak, and currently a nesting dinghy.

I found this wonderful old ChrisCraft Capri (30 footer) while I was dreaming one day on the internet……..Wow!!!!……Look at that Stern……Wow!! the beam, the graceful lines. I’ll bet she would take me anywhere I wanted to go…………and as they say, "the rest is History", and the work has begun……..