I know, that sounds like its out in left field, but there is really a boat-building aspect here 🙂

Took a couple of hours and got the basics of the strongback put together. It looks like the frame of a deck (behind your house) to me, thus the "deck" aspect of the title. The Santa Claus reference is a bit more obscure, but a couple of Christmas’ ago, Santa was kind enough to bring my son a wooden playground. It was a bit much to have it assembled in the sleigh, so he brought all the pieces and me, my dad and my son put it together. Santa had supplied screws and hardware aplenty and some had been left over, which I recently ran across… just the thing to assemble a strongback with!

Forgive the poor picture… I’ll see if I can do better later. Of course I don’t know that details are real important on this, as long as its straight, level and strong.

I still have some shoring and much leveling to do, but its another step.

Time = 2 hours