Well, finished up most of the deck project. This took too much time to let me even start putting the strongback together, but we did have a "big step"… kind of 🙂

The boat is out of my garage and in its "shed".

Of course that means it is wrapped in a tarp out back, but that is where it’s going to turn from a bunch of flat panels into a 3D boat. This process pointed out a couple of things:

  1. When you carefully label all the parts for assembly, it’s also important to label the frame overall… I’m now having to measure and compare to the plans to figure out which frame is which since all the assembly markings that I carefully made are covered/obscured.
  2. These pieces are heavier than I thought… we weighed each frame (curiosity more than anything… I would like an approximation of the vessel weight later on). I’ll list these out in a future post.
  3. I really think I want a roof. I hope to move to a tent/shed assembly sooner rather than later. Obviously, working outside won’t really cut it. Given its placement, the house gives a lot of cover… just need a little more.
  4. It’s going to be a good sized boat!

Of great importance to the family is that both cars are now back in the garage… this is a momentus occasion!

Time = 1 hour