Got the transom glued up… wound up having a couple of "tricks" to it, but I think it came out all right.

Probably the biggest annoyance was that I couldn’t quite get both sections from the MDO I had left without cutting my remaining full sheet. I had originally figured that five sheets would be required. I very nearly made it with just four. If I hadn’t goofed one piece way back when, I probably would have made it. Anyway, the cut fifth sheet should still be fine for part of the hull. Motor mount will also have to come from the MDO, so that may be the best use of my "cut" sheet. There are four layers  to be glued up, but no framing with it (I think). Should just be cutting four identical pieces.

One quibble I had with the plans is that it specifies that the dimensions on the bottom of the transom are to the outside edge (aft end of the boat). It actually has to be a slight bit larger inboard, due to the slope of the bottom. I allowed a little and intend to trim it down on the strongback… hopefully this will work out ok.

I find that my jigsaw (and the operator) has fits cutting an evenly curved line… I’ll have some sanding and shaping to do there. Not to mention that the baseplate on said jigsaw doesn’t want to hold at a 90 degree angle, so sometimes things are a bit "off" in that direction.

Anyway, all the frames and transom are cut and glued up!


Time = 2.5 hours