Well, after the good luck with Frame E, tonight I moved on to Frame F, my other "problem child". This one actually came out even better than Frame E. I had been dreading both of these, since they just didn’t seem "right" when I tried to lay them out before. They weren’t, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.

Frame F had a couple of pieces wrong by about a 1/4-1/2", but in every case they were too big. You know, it’s much easier to cut something down than try to add to it 🙂

Got the pieces laid out, trimmed up and then stuck together.

This covers a couple of milestones.

  1. This frame is the widest frame of the boat.
  2. This is the last full width frame I have left to glue up.

The only other frame type member are the transom(s). They are built about the same, but since its split across the motor well, they are only a couple of feet wide and solid panel with 1×4 backing.

Time = 2 hours