Got one of my "problem" frames glued up Thursday night. Wound up that once I got it down on a work surface (a uncut piece of MDO) and carefully measured things out, I found that it wasn’t nearly as far "off" as I thought. Thankfully, most of the "wrong" places were oversize and could be trimmed down instead of the opposite. One place had a gap that I was able to fill with epoxy. I glued it all up, leaving the gap and then filled in the epoxy in the gap today between some other activities. Looks like it will work well.

I’m beginning to find other uses for this epoxy stuff 🙂 I had a couple of places on the new deck handrails (that’s been the other project in the last week or so) that needed some filling… had a little epoxy left in the last batch, so used it back there. I think it will work well.

Time = 2 hours