FreePlay is fairly well known for a wide range of human powered radios and flashlights. Things that may be quite handy on a boat or in a camping situation away from "shore power". If you are still going, then the light can be 🙂

A product that I hadn’t seen is their FreeCharge Weza Portable Energy Source. Its a fairly basic gel-cell lead acid battery pack that can be used to power accessories or to jump off a vehicle. It will accept 110V-220V AC and 13-21V DC input for charging (solar, wind, etc.) and if needs must, then there is a foot pedal and you can "pump" it until you have enough juice to get what you need done.

This is a slick idea and might be a good fallback item on my boat. It’s not going to power the propulsion motor (for long, anyhow), but it might help in getting a small generator started, or just to power accessories. Output is 3-12V DC. The fact that it weights in at less than 20 lbs. is nice also.

Duckworks is selling them, and I’m sure others do also, but let’s support our community where appropriate :-).