>>> Amazing Small Boat

Another "small boats" web site that has recently come active which I found a pointer to on the Duckworks mailing list. David is still getting content up, but it looks like it will be a good resource, especially if you are interesting in folding boats and various small paddle craft of that sort.

Get On The Water in an AMAzing SMAll BOat!


To those of us who love to be on the water.

Some of us don’t have the space or recourses for a traditional ‘hard boat’ .

Some of us just love the idea of portability for its own sake.

Most of us are a little of both.

Many types of boats fit the ticket, fold-ables, inflatables, canoes or kayaks. Anything that can be transported without a trailer!

On this website I will provide as much info as I can on the subject of portable boats and their uses. I will also provide links to products that I have used or wish that I could us.

If you want any of the products then please follow the links from this site. It will help me to support the site.

Thanks and happy boating!