There has been some recent discussion on the Duckworks magazine mailing list concerning measuring epoxy and the construction of "beam scales" to measure by weight instead of volume. Articles have been written in the past by a couple of the contributers to the thread and appear on Duckworks’ site:

Joe Tribulato’s 1-container method:

Tom Hamernik’s 2-container method:

Further ideas and information expanded on these. First off was the thought of using screw points instead of the head end to form the balance point on the scale. Drive the screws through the board (make sure they are parallel… pilot holes recommened) and balance the board on the screw point.

The other idea was something I noticed in the background of a picture in Joe Tribulato’s article: put the epoxy in other containers to make it easier to pour. He uses a "liquid detergent" bottle (Tide, etc.) for the rosin, and a "squeeze bottle" such as dishwashing soap often comes in for the hardener. He mentioned this very thing in one of the mailing list posts… I’m sure getting the bottles clean would be very important, but having a bottle/container that is designed to dispense a thicker liquid "neatly" is one of those "obvious" ideas.

Wonder if one of the detergent "dispensers" with the little valve on the bottom wouldn’t do well. Hmmm…