Tuesday night (couple of days ago) I got another frames assembled. This it the first I’ve really succeeded with that wasn’t a “bulkhead”. This design has some “bulkheads” that are pretty much solid sheets of ply with 1×4 frames at the edges. Other frames are mostly open with the 1×4’s being the major part and just some smaller pieces of ply serving as stiffeners/gussets that also extend up to support interior fittings. Its a good way to make the ply pieces serve multiple rolls. Anyway, I put one of these together before, but got it wrong.

This one I got right. Going ahead and adding the temporary crosspiece at the top BEFORE gluing make it a lot easier.

FYI… if you haven’t seen a bag of Cabosil before, here’s a pic… I’m using it to thicken the epoxy and it seems to work well. Weird stuff… seems to weigh nothing.

Time = 1 hour