Got all the rest of the plywood/MDO and 1×4’s cut for all the frames. Only the two-part transom left. Its in two parts since it is on each side of the recessed motor "well".

Ran to Home Depot for some 1×6’s and 1×3’s for the later frames. The 1×6’s get trimmed for the tumblehome at the stern… I think this is the first curved cut I’ve made for the boat.

The 1×3’s (nominally 2 1/2" x 3/4") are being used for some deck and floor supports. The plans call for 2" x 3/4" and I may rip some of them down, but given where they are and how they fit, I’m inclined to just leave them with the extra 1/2".

On a personal note, my family and a friend went and saw "Les Miserables

  • School Edition" by The Twilight Theatre in Peachtree City, GA last night. It was a slightly condensed (not much… still 3 hours) version of the Broadway show with a cast of teens and pre-teens… the oldest was 19. It was incredible. Since I do theatrical lighting, etc. I’m familiar with what it takes to put on such a show… these kids are GOOD. The show was incredible. Check them out if you are in the area (shows through July 14th, 2007, or support your local community theatre if you are somewhere else!

Money = $33.22 + 2.33 tax = $35.55

Time = 4 hours