Well, between and around July 4th festivities I got another couple of frames worth of ply cut.

Found a nice way of measuring one side, then got cocky and messed up the next piece… decided to call it quits for the night.

I have been pleased with my workbench setup… I made two "matching" roll-around workbench sections out of a small baker’s rack that we had. Put a cut up solid-core door on top of each. I find that these work nicely for cutting the sheet goods. I lay the wood across the two units, moving one or the other to clear the saw path as needed. Can roll the entire assembly aside if needed (say to park the car).

Here’s a picture of one of them:

I"m also learning (again) that sometimes you should just take the time and expense to lay things out "right"… I found laying a piece of the MDO down and using it as a "lofting" board works nicely. The pre-primed finish is easy to mark on. I’ll use that board later for hull or other structure. A plain piece of ply painted white would work about as well, although the smoothness of MDO is nice. Cheating with paper is doable, but more error prone. I found that while double checking the frame members I had cut, I have a couple of them slightly off, but better to catch that now than later, I assume.


Time = 1.5 hours