And I know I haven’t even gotten to the "hard part". All the pro-builders are/would be laughing at the (lack of) progress I’m making, and the problems I’m having. The method of cutting a plywood sections to fit all these angles and  shapes isn’t nearly as easy as it looks 🙂 Got the rest of the plywood cut for the B frame, and it actually seems pretty good. Got started on the E frame. I’m still not satisfied with some of my glue joints, but I’m learning there, I think. Practice makes perfect or something. Its annoying that you start with "critical" parts of your boat (like the hull)… by the time you learn enough to be decent at it, you are doing interior fit-out, etc. While that’s important and appearances probably matter more than the hull, to me getting the hull straight, strong and safe is kind of the priority.

Last night got eaten by replacing the dishwasher in the house, and then today was mow the lawn before getting to the boat. So getting anything done counts, I guess.

My wife found some nice castors that fit on my roll-around (now that it has wheels) workbench that I cobbled up, so going to the store to get a dishwasher had some advancement of the boatbuilding involved 🙂


Time = 2 hours