Well, at least not entirely. Previously I asked “Will it stick?“… seems it takes more epoxy in places than I thought. I wound up with a couple of glue starved joints that didn’t hold well, others were fine.

I re-did a couple of those and we’ll see how that goes. It’s all a learning experience.

My church did have a nice Celebrate America/July 4th program tonight. I run lights (theatrical lights and special effects) for our programs. It was supposed to be an outdoor concert at the local courthouse lawn and I wouldn’t have anything to do. A sudden series of thunderstorms put paid to that and we moved inside. Got kind of busy going from nothing for me to do to putting on an entire light show for a concert with little prep in an hour. Went off well to a packed house of about 2500 – just a little side note about things I’m involved in 🙂

Time = 1 hour