Although things have been a little quiet, progress has been made and its fixing to get a lot busier.

I got the first of the MDO ordered yesterday and it should arrive tomorrow. This is certainly the largest expenditure so far.

Related to that, I’ve been trying to work out how best to lay out parts for cutting… any of this marine grade plywood/MDO/whatever you use is blasted expensive and you don’t want to waste it. In cutting the frame peices, I noticed that the side panels are somewhat narrower than I had in my mental picture. This leaves a strip of plywood to use somewhere. I had been nesting my parts for the frames, since that has to be built first, but not considering the hull covering. I may very well want to use part of even these early sheets as frame pieces with other parts for the hull and order more to finish out the entirety. I don’t want to wind up with a bunch of 1/2 sheets left over at the end of this process 🙂

Also spent some time re-working my workbench. In the past I had a full size, industrial door mounted on hinges to the wall so that it could fold up against the wall. Great plan and worked well, except for two things… it was so heavy that my family couldn’t fold it, and it was always covered with "stuff" and couldn’t be folded anyhow. As the boat project moves forward, less of my work will be in the garage and more out back with the boat, so I wanted a more mobile solution. Decided to take the door and cut it into three pieces. One piece is about 36" square and remains mounted to the wall. The other two 18"x48" peices have become the tops of two different "mobile" workbenches. I used an old bakers rack for legs/shelves and it seems to work well. We’ll see how this goes down the road.

Money = $322.13