>>> Boesch 560 Sundeck Electric Power – Electric ski boat

Boesch has the first commercial planing speed runabout powered by electric power that I’ve seen… interesting.

The page is kind of a rough translation from Deutsch, but you can tell what’s what.


The first motorboat that attains the gliding phase with an electric power train.

The Series 560 Sundeck Electro has everything that the 560 Sundeck offers. The only difference is the electric power train that attains speeds of up to 35 km/h. Starting at 25 km/h, the 560 Sundeck Electro rises to the typical Boesch gliding phase and can even be used to pull a skier. Now you can have an elegant boat for cruising smaller lakes with strict combustion engine regulations. It sets standards in terms of noise and emissions. CE-certified, design category D.