Jim Konst dropped me a note concerning this old boat he ran across… if you’re in the Ohio area and feel like a big (BIG) project, might be worth stopping by and chatting with the owner. It’s alway great to see a boat saved from decay. I also suggested that Jim try the folks at Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation (this is a site that you should check out if you are interested in wooden boat restoration.

Bruce, this doesn’t seem to fit your criteria, as I am not the owner, nor do I represent him, but I saw this boat while driving through northern Ohio and it cries out for saving. It is on blocks, mast is included, and from a superficial glance, looks better than some.  I am guessing it is a six meter, but who knows? There is no sign on the boat saying that it is for sale, but it is displayed as if it were.  Somebody could drive up and ask, and make an offer.  It is unlikely that the boat is free, but it would be worth asking. I didn’t know who else to contact.

The boat is on Ohio Rt 20 east of Bellevue, about three quarters of a mile west of US 4 intersection. This is about fifteen mile SSE of Sandusky, Ohio.

Jim Konst