>>> Montana Boatbuilders, Inc.

Montana Boatbuilders, Inc. has a nice web page outlining their extensive line of boats and services. They also offer plans (including a 50-60 page book of instructions) and/or kits for some of their designs. I especially liked some of the detailed writeup on their FAQ page. Worth a read if you agree with it all or not.

We build high quality boats using wood and composite construction. Specializing in river dories, we also build duck hunting boats, jet boats, still water pulling boats, and will happily take on anything you can dream up from canoes to sailboats. The common theme of our custom projects is quality- based on the traditions of wooden boatbuilding and the opportunities of new technology.

We are also proud to offer some of our designs in both plans and kits and carry all the building materials, hardware and accessories to get them built and in the water.