>>> FiberGlassics – The Finest Classic Fiberglass boating enthusiasts website

This is a really neat site covering a different class of classic boat. A lot of the "classics" pages totally ignore the many, many fiberglass boats that many of us grew up with. Often these boats are what introduced us to boating. You may have fond memories, or you may be glad to put those boats behind you, but either way, I think this page is worth a look.

I especially enjoyed the photo galleries… make sure and check out "Chicken & the egg".

Welcome to FiberGlassics®

In July 1998 this site began an attempt to recognize the style and creativity of the original fiberglass boat designs from the 50’s & 60’s, plus capture the spirit of a time that has since past. This site honors the pioneering minds that conceived and created these beautiful… and never to be made again fiber glass boats. Within this site, you will find information on old fiberglass boats. There are many sections. All brochures, pictures and information is FREE.