Hard to believe, but one year ago this site went live. I don’t know where the time has gone.

From that first post (here’s a copy of the earliest version I have saved) to until today there have been 746 published articles. After an early on again, off again schedule, in the last 8 months there have been only 11 days without new content. Some of this content has proven very popular, and obviously some was only of interest to me 🙂 Glance back through the archives and see what you find.

In that time we’ve also opened an Amazon based store to assist in finding your boating book (and “stuff”) needs. We’ve also opened up commenting with a pretty good automatic spam filter so that you can make comments and have them appear without waiting for my approval.

Hopefully you are finding some gems amoung the links and articles I have provided. I want to thank the contributers who have sent me pictures or links, those who have answered my questions, and most of all, thanks to all of you out there who make Craft A Craft a regular stop in your web surfing.

Where are we going from here? Well, I have plans to do some redesign of the home page to hopefully make it easier to find things and to navigate around. I want to include more links to some of our other boating blogger friends so that you won’t miss posts from other sites. Lastly, I’m moving more into the “build phase” of my Van Abbema V28 and hope to have regular updates on that front.