I know my hoards of adoring fans… ok my adoring fan… well, maybe somebody… has been wondering what’s going on. I can see why this takes so long… its not just painting 🙂

I’ve spent a grand total of $1.16 on additional "parts" for the boat… I had a copy of the plans made at the local Staples so that I won’t mess up the originals. I have a feeling that this will be an on-going expense as I destroy the plans 🙂

I’ve also been spending a lot of my free time going over the plans, trying to make sure I understand them. I’ve had a couple of good email exchanges with Mark Van Abbema (the designer) and he’s been great to answer questions. Part of my examination has been converting the table of offsets and importing them into Free!Ship, mainly as a learning experience and to gain the ability to visualize the hull in 3D better than just the lines drawing allows me to do.

Another task has been finding wood sources. I had done a bit of this before choosing the plans, but still… I can get the pine framing in a good quality from the local orange box (Home Depot). I know, some people will not like using Southern Yellow Pine (or close, depending on the batch) for boat wood, but Mark’s had good luck with it, and I think it will do fine in my application. I’m sorry, but I"m not the "classic wooden boat" builder. I have a goal of actually finishing the boat, so using affordable, readily obtainable wood is important. Glen-L has listed (at least some) pines fairly favorably.

Finding plywood in a decent grade has proven much harder. I can order it, but shipping eats you alive on panel sizes. Locally, I’m not having much luck. It would also help if wood manufacturers would answer email… that’s so much more convenient for me and my job schedule, etc. than phoning them during business hours.

I’ve done research on epoxy and think I have a supplier picked out… this will be a mail order item for me. I’ll of course detail what I find and how I like it as things progress.

Lastly, I’ve spent part of my time on a new endeavor that is intended to help pay the bills on building the boat. Having a little extra income will help this along much more than a lot of things.

All of this rather wordy post to say that this is a major project. Some project planning and laying things out are required. Make sure you take those kinds of activities into account when estimating times.

Money = $1.08 + .08 tax = $1.16

Time = 3 hours