>>> Bluewater Nordhavn 47-32

Milt and Judy Baker have created a great web site detailing their Nordhavn. This is a larger/nicer boat than I can hope to obtain any time soon, but it’s certainly something I can learn from. I really appreciate their dealing with technical details, build pictures and the like… there’s a lot of information here.


This is the home page for Milt & Judy Baker’s Nordhavn 47-32, Bluewater. 

This website aims to provide one couple’s perspective on building, outfitting, commissioning and cruising a Nordhavn full displacement motor yacht.  We came to the process with a background of many years of cruising under sail and power, but we’d like to point out that the choices we have made in building and outfitting may not be right for you.  Like all serious cruisers, we have our own prejudices and sometimes cannot be persuaded by logic or evidence!