We’ve had posts and links to thoughts on "Why build a boat"… now I touch on why build a boat BLOG.

Many people boat and have great cruise and boat building experiences. Some of them put up web pages… others provide more of a running account in a blog. Why do I think its something good to consider? What are those top reasons? What does a blog provide you?


  1. It holds you accountable – This especially applies to builders, I think. At times the stresses and everyday things in life can drag you away from your boat building. Sometimes you need a little extra "kick" to get up off the sofa and go down there and sand/paint/whatever some more. Having an audience that expects that next update can help give you that motivation. The flip side is that if you aren’t enjoying doing it, don’t blog! This isn’t an activity that should make you feel like you’re being held for ransom.
  2. It provides you a record – Some people keep diaries, some journals, I blog. Some of my blog entries are on a private blog that only I will ever see (its password protected, etc.). Others are public. Either way, the medium fits my lifestyle and activities. It allows me to provide links to other resources, pictures, multimedia, all in a format that I can search for that "I know I saw it before" item. Plus the ability to go back and reminesce about where you were and what you did is valuable. Someday you may not be able to boat, but you can look at the pictures and with some descriptions in your blog help remember what you were doing.
  3. It helps others – Boating and cruising folks (especially home builders) have a great reputation for helping each other. Some of us aren’t physically near other boaters to "lend a hand". One way I try to help out is posting hints, tips and links in my blog. If you document your build, or your cruise, please provide details. Those of us starting out learn a lot this way. We pour over your posts and try to learn what worked and what didn’t. In that light, please do own up to mistakes and/or things that didn’t work. We won’t hold it against you or think less of you (we’ve all been there), but we will learn from it! If you’re doing a cruise log, you would be amazed at the hints and tips of places to see and places to avoid that you can pick up reading about others’ travels.
  4. It builds a community link – I have gotten to "know" several builders and cruisers through my blog. These are resources that I can now contact with questions, and who contact me with information and questions of their own. Boating is a "community" activity, but you also run the risk of being isolated on a small boat with less contact than normal.
  5. It’s something you want to do – I touched on this in #1, but if you don’t want to blog, DON’T. It can be time consuming and sometimes a hassle. I think the personal rewards are worth it, but if you just want to build a boat, go for it. Just like the "Why build a boat" discussions, we do this because we want to. P.S. Don’t plan on monetary rewards with a blog, unless you are really going into it for that reason… people do make money with blogs, but the vast majority of bloggers don’t.


Note that I’m submitting this "top 5" post to ProBlogger.net’s Group Writing Project… if you like to blog, their web site has some interesting articles.