Well, its started 🙂

I ordered the plans for Mark Van Abbema’s V28 today. I decided to order from Duckworks… mostly figured that they would be there whereas Mark may very well be out cruising (that may be a totally wrong assumption). Note: that was a wrong assumption 🙂 Just got a note from the Duckworks crowd that the plans are shipping straight from Mark. Either way, they are both great people/groups. Hopefully in a few days I’ll be pouring over them and figuring out how to start.

Dane (my son) and I went out and measured the location in the backyard that I intend to put this thing together. It will fit in the doors of my garage, but would hang out into the driveway quite a ways. We’ll have to deal with a "temporary" cover of some sort. Not ideal, but we can work with it.

Money = $110

Time = .5 hours