In the water at last!

It floats!

So it was just a swimming pool… that’s all we had available.

I found it to be quite stable… surprisingly so. Its also heavier than I expected. Of course I have added the extra cloth up the sides (its well above waterline, as you can see). Some trim pieces along the edges of the cloth (as recommended in the instructions) would look nice.

There was a little water inside, but as near as I could tell that was from my intrepid testing crews’ bathing suits… they were already wet from swimming before we tested the boat. The wet interior is the reason that I am crouched down instead of sitting (I wasn’t dressed for this :-))

All-in-all it was a success, and we all had a good time playing with it.

You can see my small "outboard motors" hard at work 🙂

We didn’t even have a proper paddle around, but Dane used a piece of PVC pipe to surprisingly good effect… I would have thought it didn’t have enough surface area, but it did pretty well.

Not the level of fit and finish most of the online examples have shown, but very servicable for us… and the crowd really enjoyed it 🙂