The Duckworks Magazine mailing list crowd has come through with another folding dinghy design that might be of interest. You’ve seen the “Origami Dinghy” (and the sailing version) all over this site. I’ve also linked to the Micro Folding Dinghy.

Now we have the Flapdoodle Dinghy. Described as “a no-nonsense rigid hardwood and ply 8 foot folding classic dinghy.” Its designed as a sail boat with a centerboard/daggerboard and flip-up rudder. The web site also states:

Designed after 6 years of research and testing to be as simple, rugged, and painless as possible. I will not claim this is an easy boat to build, but I made sure it could be built totally by one person with no assistance at any point. Every step will most likely be fun if you like to build things.

This is a “hard shell” folding dinghy that relies on metal hinges with PVC cloth (protected in a “groove”) for a waterproof folding mechanism. Looks like the design would be pretty versatile and tough, although might be a bit of a pain to build. Plans are quite reasonable. A Yahoo Groups mailing list is available for group support.